Mark Yozzer

Created this amazing union flag finish in 2015.


Dave Blake

Simple lines, strong red paintwork. 


Martin Reeves

We love this iridescent finish. A classy job by Martin. 


Tom Green

Tom has never undertaken a rebuild or had any previous engineering experience. An amazing achievement! 


Paul Austin

Lovely CX stripped down, showing the battery going in. Nice gold Comstars.


David Adams

Created a wonderful CB from a rough , well used bike to a super shiny model. 



Nice colour scheme and a detailed strip down in pictures. 


James Wozencroft

James has done a very nice job on this Honda.


Jocelyn Poutas

A very nice CB sporting CRK stitching on leather seat.  Great job!


Alan Tyson

Alan spent a while getting a superb look on this CX. Great attention to detail!


Arild Grav de Haug

From Norway, Arild often visits the UK and is a keen motorcyclist. We love the red and black scheme (and the scenery) and attention to detail. 


Howard Coop

What an eye catching CX conversion! 


David Roberts

This Triumph is a bit special ! 


John Raisbeck

A sunny super smart CX 


Marcus Koerfges

CX Cafe Racer transformation !


Paul Key 

Triumph Cafe Racer , lovely paint job. Very tidy !


Sandro Kenda

Sporty looking CX  conversion 


Steve Martin

Nice job of this Triumph. Grey frames look great with the black colour scheme!


Triumph Roadster

If you want to take it easy and have a passenger along for the ride the roadster will get you there.

Triumph Cafe Racer

We used 'Hurricane' colours  for our first 'prototype' and this now famous bike, has been used for many ads.  


CX Roadster Sport

The Roadster Sport conversion kit offers a longer seat with rear sets for a small pillion. The seat tails off to a hump.


CX Roadster

The CX Roadster offers a longer seat .


CX Cafe Racer

We're a bit nostalgic about the CX kit. It was the first conversion kit to trial our modules on and has helped many a neglected CX get back on the road. 



The popular CBn 250/400 has made a great donor bike for these kits. A slightly shorter and smaller frame makes this a nippy bike, ideal for cafe racer styling, with all the bonuses of Honda.  super dream 250/400n 


Previous Builds

Our first ever conversion! The black bike was the prototype and inspiration behind our whole business. Built in the shed at weekends and evenings; we thought we'd maybe sell one or two a year...

Take a look at our Roadster conversion kit for T300 series Triumph. Fits 4 cylinder and 3 cylinder models.


Triumph Kit Information

Roadster version of the kit

In the workshop and back togther

Riding Clip

The Green bike is complete!..

The CX stripped down

The new
Triumph Kit

CX Cafe is nearly complete.

CX donor bike, what to look for