The Kits



CRK design and manufacture ‘Kit Bikes’ which are similar in concept to the established Kit Car idea. Each kit is based on specific donor bikes, so the project starts with sourcing a suitable bike to convert. 

We try to choose donor bikes that are reasonably priced in the secondhand market so that your project won’t break the bank. Then we build prototype bikes to get the look just right. During the design we use a mixture of experience, craft and modern techniques such as 3D Cad to specify the parts. We work out all the headaches such as load stresses, wiring modifications, fasteners, clearances for tyres etc.

When the prototyping is done we concentrate on making all the engineered parts that are required for the conversion. We build jigs and fixtures, moulds and patterns and then produce the parts in small batches to keep the cost competitive and the quality high. We build a second pre production prototype and use that to write the comprehensive instructions that are included with each kit.

Building from a kit is great because you know we’ve spent a lot of time making things fit and work before you’ve even started on your build. Along the way there are still plenty of opportunities to do your own thing and make the bike individually yours.

The kit is made up of ‘modules’. You can buy the complete kit or individual modules as you progress with your project. Each module is supplied complete with step by step instructions to guide you through the build process. If you do get stuck there is help on hand via our technical support service.

Not everything for your finished bike is included in the kit, parts such as silencers, indicators, tyres etc are your own choice and allow you to customise your build. Similarly the tank, and mudguards etc are supplied bare for you to paint in your own personal scheme so that you can build a unique bike.

If you want to find out more about our current range of kits including suitable donor bikes and pricing please click on the links below.

Finally, PLEASE research to ensure your donor bike is suitable, have a look at the downloads page to double check. If you're still not sure send us a picture of your donor bike so that we can confirm for you. We can't always rectify errors made with purchases if the subframe has been welded in place ! 

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