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The CRK team

Cafe Racer Kits started in 2012 following a little dream that Ian had to build his own cafe racer. Who would have thought that 5 years later we are still going strong! 

This is how you might have met Ian, in full flow at a bike show (usually Stafford & Shepton). 

However Ian's love of bikes and mechanical engineering has been with him from an early age, his older brothers both into bikes and his mum riding a scooter, the family car a 3 - wheeler, bikes have been the family mode of transport, it seems, for ever! 

Ian's training as an apprentice at The Admiralty Gosport, as a young nipper, gave him all the underpinning skills for a mechanical engineering career. He later moved into technical engineering drawing and design both the old fashioned ink and paper/drawing board style and in the 90's into CAD and digital age drawing and design. Ian also wrote detailed commercial and industrial engineering instructions for products as part of his role in refrigeration and international oil engineering.

These have been the mainstay skills for Cafe Racer Kits, enabling Ian to create prototypes, modifying drawings and concepts into the high quality parts you receive to transform your donor bikes.

The comprehensive instructions are created alongside the prototype to enable you to make the best job with in-depth guidance and great close up photos. 

Ian's hobbies have been varied; bikes obviously, touring as well as vintage and classic restoration and he belongs to the Benneli club. He has an eclectic collection of bikes from various decades but the 70's are his favourites.  He enjoys remote control aircraft flying and building (or repairing on a bad day) and enjoys walks out across the beautiful IOW landscape with   wife, Tracey and 2 trusty dogs.

He has 3 grown up daughters and has enjoyed being dad to them! Hobbies though, have been on the back burner for a few years as CRK took off in a most unexpected way. Ian now works full time for CRK and has done for 18 months even though initially CRK was a 'hobby' business for odd evening and weekends! 

The aim for CRK is to produce parts that a bike builder or hobbyist may find difficult (and certainly expensive) to manufacture and turn out parts that fit together to create a good, classic look. 

Ian Sanding down the prototype Triumph 1200 tank ready to make a mould - summer 2016 - rare shot of legs. 

Ian Sanding down the prototype Triumph 1200 tank ready to make a mould - summer 2016 - rare shot of legs. 

Wife Tracey has been a keen supporter of the business and attends the shows with Ian and supports in the office with admin. Previously from the education sector and a degree in early years and education,  she now supports the business part time maintaining the website, marketing , social media, admin and occasional tea making. 

Always a pillion, Tracey has ridden with Ian for many years and accepted that bikes are a part of family life (except for cleaning parts in the dishwasher and baking parts in the oven, or indeed repairing bikes in the dining room via the french doors in the winter).

 Hobbies include arts and crafts , nature; especially on the IOW , bird watching and until lately, chicken keeper. With 2 dogs , the two aspects of life here in this rural part of the Isle of wight didn't mix too well! 


Together, as our children have grown, we have had some time to pursue a hobby in sailing which is prevalent on the IOW and had a little 23 footer, lifting keel, sailing boat which we have bobbed round the Solent on. We have a kayak and a small sailing dinghy which will hopefully be back on the waters again soon! 



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Ian Saxcoburg