CRK 250/400 Cafe Racer

Our CRK 250/400 Cafe Racer kit transforms the Honda CB250N or CB400N into a great looking old school racer. The clip on handlebars, single seat, coupled with the stainless steel instruments and bates style headlamp create cool retro look.

Based on the Honda CB250N & CB400N Superdreams made from 1978 to 1984, the kit modules provide all the major parts and instructions required to transform your donor bike into a stunning cafe racer. With revvy four stroke motors and good handling these bikes make a great basis for a special. The 400 model was actually more powerful than the Honda 400 four of the same era.

During the build many pounds of ‘excess baggage’ will be removed from your machine, transforming its character, improving performance and boosting riding fun.

The practical features that made the Superdreams a favourite are all retained including electric start, centre stand, disc brakes, easy maintenance and electronic ignition.Despite their strong engines and reliability Superdreams are not yet considered ‘classic’ in the secondhand market, which is great news for specials builders.

The low prices of suitable donor bikes mean that you can build your special on an affordable budget.

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