Triumph Roadster Kit goes Live!

This week sees the Triumph Roadster kit selector go live on the website.

We have been mindful that our customers want to be able to know how much their project parts will cost and you have enjoyed the powder coat finishes. So the kit now comes in a variety of finishes to match your frame finish. You  can configure your parts to get what you want , for instance you can choose a small (10.5L) tank or a large (14.5L) size. 

The parts are also interchangeable, so if you have made a cafe racer, you could re-convert your bike to a roadster using some additional parts.

We have also changed the 'deposit' scheme so that you can choose your parts and pay a proportion of this to secure your order and know how much your final balance will be. Ordering the base kit parts will give you a basic price and allow you to order more parts at a 10% discounted price within your 1 order. (This discount doesn't include optional extras etc).

Because we are very small company operating out of the 'shed' we only order in small quantities which means we don't carry a large stock so you will have to wait a while for your kit parts (around 6 weeks) we also use a lot of local engineers and many of our parts are welded, folded, stitched, laminated by hand. 


Triumph chain guards back from the 'folders'.

Triumph chain guards back from the 'folders'.

CX Roadster Sport seat back from the upholsters


We know that you are discerning customers and appreciate the engineering that goes into our parts and we get lots of comments both at shows and via emails confirming this:

"I have been doing a bit of research into your kits and have to say they look very well engineered. Most impressive." (Trevor). 

There's nothing as satisfying for us to receive parts in from the painters, completed , ready for stock following a process from drawing, laser cutting, folding, welding, then finally carefully wrapped and placed on the shelf! 

We'll send out your instructions for the kit as soon as we receive your order so that you can begin preparing your bike and with our technical help Ian is on hand if you need guidance or help.

As spring approaches, there's never been a better time to think about a new project for summer 2017!   

Ian Saxcoburg