We're now 'Motorcycles United' stockists.

We're really happy to announce that we are now stockists for 'Motorcycles United' parts!

We've had many enquiries over the years, asking for specific bike parts and you will no doubt be aware that our kits are very model specific.

We think we've found the answer! 

We'll be supplying DIY parts so that bike builders can convert these universal sub frames, pipes and other parts to fit their bikes and their own designs.

We know you bike builders have a look that you want and we hope these parts will be able to be used just for that purpose. 

Be warned, there are no instructions just some sizes! Nothing painted, just bare metal. So measure carefully !

We will be carrying a small stock to begin with but if there's something you want we can usually get it within a few weeks! We can supply cafe racer parts, Bobber parts, pipes and subframes, tanks and seats. Mostly universal but please ask if they will be suitable for your bike if you're not sure.  



Products will be on the website shortly so keep you eyes peeled! 

Ian Saxcoburg